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Jamie Edwards - Oasis Tattoo Company in Dayton, Ohio

‚ÄčI've been tattooing for 20+ years now, and have loved nearly every minute of it. I am proud to be one of the tattoo artists in Dayton. To me, Tattooing is about spending time with my clients and friends at all the local tattoo shops where I have worked, and giving dynamic and unique tattoos to people that deserve it. Nothing pleases me like giving someone a unique piece of tattoo art.

I began tattooing in Cincinnati, Ohio at Big Tom's Uptown Tattoo while attending the University of Cincinnati in 1996. Since then, I have worked at some of the best studios in the world, including the 2nd oldest studio in the world and the oldest studio in the U.S. I have spent years on the best convention circuits in North America, and have done guest artist appearances from coast to coast. From 1999-2005 I owned Laughing Dragon in Amelia, Ohio. Recently, I joined the oldest tattoo club in the world, The Bristol Tattoo Club, and joined the ranks of some of the best tattooists to ever hold a machine. My artwork has been seen on the pages of dozens of magazines and has been featured in major publications, and television shows as well. I enjoy hosting clients from around the world, and can make accommodations for those traveling from abroad. 

I am interested in custom design, and have currently decided on making some changes in my approach to tattooing. For the past 20 years, I have done any and all tattooing offered to me as a way to hone my skills, and learn as many techniques from as many other artists as possible. As for the next 20 years, I plan to show what I have learned by embracing only the projects that allow me to show what separates me from other artists. My focus is on large scale work involving multiple sessions in Japanese-Influenced illustrative style or realistic imagery. It is recommended that the client be prepared to do monthly sessions to complete the work in a timely manner. I schedule one appointment for myself per day, so I can focus all my energy on the piece of the day. Appointments start between noon and 2 pm, and run between 4-6 hours long. I am available to meet and talk about your tattoo ideas, however I ask that perspective clients be open-minded to my artistic vision. I encourage my perspective client to review my work and if interested, please contact me by email. I prefer to work on fresh new skin, not interested in doing cover-ups. To be clear, I am not interested in doing cover-ups. All single session work will require a $250 minimum fee. 

Please call me directly to schedule a consultation appointment at... (937)503-9437 or email at  Jamie@edwardstattooing.com  ...I will reply within 72 hours or so.